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Welcome to the Trinity City Universe

Welcome to Trinity City Universe, a powerful social justice Afro Futuristic comic book universe set in "New New Orleans" circa 2078. TRINITY CITY Issue #1 offers readers a journey into a future of flooded cities on stilts, and robot sheriffs. Here we expand on a few elements of this Universe, and reveal some of the secret messages hidden in the powerful artwork.

blakes glasses img 1.png
blakes glasses img 2.png


The character of Blake Bordelon wears thick glasses because of severe corneal scarring over their right eye, which makes his eyes extremely sensitive to light, and the glasses help keep things dim. The scar causes Blake to see most things in light or shadow, which has influenced the style of his artwork.

Hunter's Field img-2.png
Hunter's Field img-1.png


The Chief lives in the Undercity in what remains of a cultural heritage site in today's real-life New Orleans, Hunter’s Field.  In April 1963, hundreds of local African American residents, led by 400 children, squatted on the site until the city agreed to make it a park for children to play in.

lilipad img 1.png
lilipad img 2.png


The rich of New New Orleans live on eLevated Isolated Liveable Infrastructures that keep them safe from floods, crime, and disease.  These high-tech floating neighborhoods are self-sufficient and can either be anchored to land or set free to follow the ocean currents wherever they may lead.

marcus nasal spray img 1.png
marcus nasal spray img 2.png


Marcus Sennet has sudden epileptic seizures that leave him unable to speak, move or think clearly. Thanks to his dad, a doctor, Marcus has a prescription for Diazepam nasal spray, a fast-acting medicine that can make the difference between life and death.

The PACT img-1.png
The PACT img-2.png


Signed in 2068, this law requires people in Trinity City and others who live outside one of the three L.I.L.I Pads to work for the city in exchange for basic resources such as food, transportation, healthcare, education, and public safety. The work is often backbreaking and dangerous, but it can also be enticing, like a university program.

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