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A Snapshot of TCC's Vibrant 2023

Spoiler alert: we did a lot!

TCC co-authors with illustrator Steve Prince (photo credit: Steve Prince)

Whew!  We released Issue #1, launched our school workshops, honored local artivist heroes, and deepened our partnerships and commitment to disability justice, community safety and climate justice. For details, please see our Annual Report 2023 "Proof of Concept." In this report, you can read all about this year's publications, programs, partnerships, and more!

Mat Schwarzman, co-author:  "When I look at this report, I see what 25 New Orleanians of diverse ages, backgrounds and abilities can achieve when we work together.  In one year, the entire project went from concept to a beautiful and dynamic new reality.  In 35 years of cultural work, I have never seen a level of enthusiastic community response like this."

Lisa Damour, co-author:  "As a playwright, exploring social justice through comics is a new, eye-opening and inspiring adventure for me. It is incredible to experience this community of intergenerational artists manifesting this creative work deeply rooted in their local experience.  I am thrilled to experience Trinity City Comics rooting and continuing to grow."

Photo 1: In Trinity City workshops, teens are inspired by the comic book to talk, write, and make art about public safety, climate change, and disability justice in their own lives.

Photo 2: Our Issue #1 premiere event at Melba’s Poboys brought together our artist-creators and the community leaders who champion them.

Photo 3: Our 1st Annual Artivism Awards was an incredible multigenerational gathering of artists, activists, and supporters.

We stay true and yet we are evolving, growing into an organization with a story-based approach to spreading social justice for all.  We will continue to honor our elder and mentor Yvonne Bechet, who inspired our play BLACK AND BLUE.  To reflect our evolution, we are changing our name from The Black and Blue Story Project to Trinity City Arts

Our mission:  To engage Louisianans of all ages, backgrounds and abilities in social change through telling stories about the past, present and future of our communities.


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