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Meet the New Teen Writers of Trinity City Issue #2

New issue, new team of young artists! This week, we introduce our new teen writers.


For Issue #2 of Trinity City, we're so excited to welcome three members of the 826 NOLA Young Writers Council to the team. Over the course of 10 months (January - October 2024), a new team of six artists (3 teens, 3 adults) will spend 200 hours in conversation, research, reading and drawing to create the second issue of Trinity City.

We asked our three teen writers to introduce themselves, and to answer this question: Inside this team, what kind of animal are you as a collaborator? If you had to pick an animal that described your style, what would it be and why?

First up is Cherielle Clark! Cherielle is a 9th grade student at George Washington Carver High School. When she graduates, she wants to attend an HBCU and study medicine. She loves to write because it helps her express herself in a creative way, and her favorite color is orange. 

"I’m a lion," Cherielle said. "I love the way they always move together to make sure everyone eats and is taken care of, that’s how I am as a collaborator.  I’m also the youngest [on the team], so I’m usually the one that helps get the food, too."

Next, meet Je'Miyah Suggs! Je’Miyah is 17 years old. She is a writer with no limits or label. She’s a cosmetologist that adores math and writing. 

"I don't know why, but the first animal that came to mind was octopus because they have eight hands and I feel like they can handle a lot at once," Je'Miyah said. "I feel the same way about being a part of a team, I can not only deal with a lot of stuff outside of that team, I could also deal with a lot of things within the team. So I'd be the one trying to not only do my part, but contribute to other people's part. Yes, we’re separated, but it's a community thing."

Last, but certainly not least, is Alex Warren! Alex is 18 years old and attends Walter L. Cohen High School. He is a poet and hopes to go to Morehouse College for Psychology and become a published author by the age of 22. 

"I would probably say I'm the collaborator that's kind of like a lone wolf," Alex said. "I actually feel more comfortable working by myself, but in a strange way, that makes me effective at being able to work with others, because I’m willing to be vulnerable and add what’s missing."

Thank you to Cherielle, Je'Miyah, and Alex for this wonderful collaboration so far! We can't wait to continue our process together.


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