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Calling All Louisiana Teen Artivists: Imagine Our Next Adventure (Part 2)

Are you age 13-19?  Do you live in Metairie or Monroe, Baton Rouge or Berwick, Lafayette or Lake Providence, New Orleans, or New Llano? Do you like comic books? If so, what are you waiting for?

Enter the Spring 2024 Trinity City Teen Artivist Contest: IMAGINE OUR NEXT ADVENTURE!  

PRIZES include:  Cash, Merch, Mentorship, and Hype (we promote your work on our website)

At the end of TRINITY CITY COMICS #1, our three heroes Rowan, Marcus, and Blake are being rounded up by the New New Orleans’ robot deputies.  What do you think should happen next?

Should Rowan find out anything more about her missing sister, or lose hope?  How should Marcus react to being arrested, especially given his epilepsy?  And with their scarred cornea permanently limiting their vision, how can Blake possibly find a way to survive incarceration?

  1. Choose one of the three main characters’ stories from Issue #1 to inspire you (Rowan, Marcus, or Blake)

  2. Respond with a VISUAL ARTWORK and/or a PIECE OF WRITING of your own creation. Show and tell us: What happens to them next?

Your entry can take any digital form! It just has to be in an uploadable format.  Judging will be done based upon three elements:

  • Most interesting concept

  • Best storytelling

  • Best writing/illustration technique

  • Use the Trinity City Universe and Go Deeper pages on our website to help inspire you!

This time, all it takes is a great idea. 

Deadline:  Wednesday, May 8, 2024 at 11:59 CST

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