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New Downloadable Version of Issue #1 Available With Bonus Content!

Updated using feedback from readers like YOU, the newest version of Trinity City Comics Issue #1 is now live!


What's new?

The new version of Issue #1 has the same characters and story you know and love, but even MORE artwork from our youth artists! It also contains a "glossary" page, as well as links to more resources on our website.

Character Pages

In this version, there are three new pages (above) featuring artwork by our youth artists about the characters they created.

"The comic revolves around three characters that are inspired by New Orleans youth, and they've had the ability to be creatively involved in the comic from pretty much its inception," said hrilina, our Youth Consultant. This summer, our youth artists dove into their characters in a weeklong workshop, and were able to point the writers in new directions for upcoming issues."

She notes, too, that although she is a member of the Trinity City team, the youth artists are her peers as well: "It makes me feel empowered to create something myself because the people that are helping create this are people around my own age."

With youth involvement being central to Trinity City's mission, we're excited to continue to work with young artists and creators, and to bring their ideas to life!

Download Issue #1 to learn more about Rowan (illustrated by Morgan Prevost), Marcus (illustrated by Keith Singleton), and Blake (illustrated by Blair Augillard).

Trinity City Universe

Want to learn more about the world of Trinity City, all in one place? This new page (both in Issue #1 and on our website) is just that!

This page serves as a glossary, "catching you up and inviting you into the world. It feels more like the people of Trinity City welcoming me rather than words on paper," hrilina♡ explained. "'This is our world, and we're so happy that you're here. Thank you for stopping by!'"

Visit our website for even more resources about the real-world inspirations for Trinity City.


Download the newest version of Issue #1, with bonus content, here!

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